14 Local SEO Statistics You Must Know

14 Local SEO Statistics You Must Know


I’ve always said that SEO is a huge deal, and it doesn’t take long as a web designer and digital marketer to understand why.  Once you are managing several sites and have a chance to dive into the analytics of a site, a distinct pattern begins to emerge.  Even though site owners spend a lot of time attempting to drive traffic to their site from social media and from other referral sources, they inevitably get over 60% of their traffic from search engines.


The conclusion I have drawn, which is shared by many other digital marketers, is that local SEO – the practice of optimizing web pages in order to benefit local businesses – is some of lowest hanging fruit in the online marketing space.  It can literally make or break your entire business.  Personally, I have been able to create two profitable and sustainable businesses off of local SEO. One, as you can guess, is White Hat Matt, based on this very site.  The other is Tritheos Coaching Services, my triathlon coaching business.


If this infographic, originally developed by Go Globe, doesn’t convince you about the fruitfulness of investing some time and energy into local SEO, nothing will.


The importance of Local SEO
Infographic by- GO Globe Hong Kong

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