Case Study: How Stellar Canine Academy Gets a 100x (or more) Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) from Pay-Per-Click

Stellar Canine Academy’s dog trainers had plenty of experience with dog obedience training, having worked for other dog training organizations in California. However, this trio of three dog trainers envisioned launching a new venture in the Puget Sound area in Western Washington.


They registered as an LLC, got a logo designed, and shipped their entire lives up to the Seattle area.


There was only one thing they lacked…




You know, it’s one thing to convince people that they need what you’re selling (hint: this is what social media is for). It’s another thing to wave a big flag for the people who are already looking for what you have (hint: this is what PPC is for).


Fortunately for Stellar Canine, we were able to devise a strategy using the White Hat Matt pay-per-click campaign, allowing the trainers to totally fill their calendars each month with dog training clients.


The results were astonishing, as we were able to flip a switch in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, driving tons of good prospective customers to their website and easily filling their pipeline.


But it gets better because the website actually outperformed our expectations by quite a bit. In fact, we were seeing conversion rates of 12-15% from cold traffic to leads each month. This meant that we had to spend much less on PPC ads to get the right amount of traffic to the website, which drastically reduced Stellar’s advertising budget while still keeping them flush with leads.



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