Get In Their Inbox and Get More Sales

Is email marketing the missing link in your marketing toolstack?  (hint: the data says yes). Let’s talk about the power of email.

Why Email Marketing?

We’ll just get right to the point: you need to do email marketing.

If you’re here looking for a new website or online marketing services, you’ve already arrived at the conclusion that print or radio ads just aren’t cutting it.

After all, as a consumer, you likely spend a considerable amount of time shopping for products and services online. How do you stay informed about special deals or new product launches from your favorite retailers?

That’s right, email.

Oregon Email Marketing ROI

While marketing your business via social media and Google Pay Per Click can be of great value, they’re just a small piece of the pie.

In fact, research tells us that email marketing outperforms other channels when it comes to customer acquisition and the return on your investment.

The bottom line is that if you overlook email marketing, you’ll be missing out on a huge demographic of people who would be interested in purchasing your product or service. Because while not everyone uses social media, the vast majority of people check their email daily.

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Get YOUR Email Campaigns Done for YOU

Like any successful venture, email marketing takes a lot of work. Not only do you need a marketing strategy to guide your email campaigns, you also need some darn good sales copy. Add in automation software and you’ve got a big job on your hands.

We love email. We love writing copy for email. We’ll not only create an email marketing strategy for your business, we’ll make sure your content or promotions get sent to the right people, at the right time.

Don’t rely on social media marketing alone. There are thousands of people reading their email at this very moment. Get in their inbox and get more sales.

Your New Email Marketing Strategy

Write Content for SEO

You can’t get someone into your email funnel without first getting traffic to your site.  Content marketing and SEO is the best method to achieve this.

Create a Free Offer

No one is going to subscribe to your list if you have a bland offer like “subscribe for updates.”  Give people a reason to want to enter their email address.

Add an Opt-In on Your Pages

This is where plugins and email tools come-in.  You need a way to capture email addresses and then send them their asset.

Continue to Provide Value

Depending on your strategy, you will most likely want to keep emailing your subscribers about new posts, podcasts, or videos you produce.  Helpful info about your business is totally appropriate.

Sell to Your List

Finally, you’ve got traffic to your site, captured email addresses, and dripped content to your audience like a boss.  You’ve finally earned their trust and educated them on why they need what you’re offering.  At this point, it would be wrong of you not to sell to your list!

What’s Included in Each Email Marketing Package


An Email Marketing Strategy that outlines the kind of email campaign that will turn visitors into customers and encourage them to come back to you again and again.

High Quality Copywriting

Thoughtfully written email copy that aligns with your business’s unique voice and message and that entices readers to take the desired action. 

Custom Graphics

Custom graphics that adds value to the email copy and attracts users to your brand.


Email marketing goes way beyond email.  Our automation platform can be used to build Facebook custom audiences, send out SMS campaigns, and loads more.

Marketing Automation

From complicated autoresponders to event-based triggers, if you can dream it, we have the sophistication to execute it.

Advanced Analytics

We dig deep into your analytics, split test, and use qualitative methods to find trends to discover what’s working and what’s not.

Oregon Email Marketing Agency

Get It Done For You

Think you may want to partner with us to create an awesome email campaign?  Book a discovery call with Matt so we can learn the needs of your business.

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