You Need a Marketing Strategy, Not Just A Website

At White Hat Matt we develop a comprehensive content strategy with every website we create and every marketing campaign we launch.  This ensures that your website not only looks great, but also meets your business objectives.

Get A Better Website

Tired of the Same Lackluster Results from your Website, Year after Year?

Most website design companies these days are essentially glorified graphic designers. Their only focus is on developing a nice-looking website.  

Once they are finished, you may be very happy with the end product because it may be a big improvement over your previous site’s design.  You may even receive an abundance of compliments on your new site from family and co-workers.

But then nothing happens. 


No new traffic.


No conversions.


No closer to your organization’s goals.

That’s because a website that looks nice and a website that performs well are two different things.


Hi, I’m Matt.

My focus is to make sure your website gets found by your target audience and that visitors take action based on the content they find on your site.  That’s it.

At my company, White Hat Matt we believe our beautifully-designed websites are only a means to an end –  they are not the end in themselves.

So how does White Hat Matt create websites that get results?

With a custom marketing strategy tailored exactly to your business and your industry.

Every Website Strategy Includes:

A Business and Website Objectives Review

We want to make sure the content on your site will fit your organization’s objectives.  Communication is key.  That’s why we make sure we are crystal clear on what constitutes success for you and your website.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze 4-5 of your closest competitors and the effectiveness of their online presence.

Persona Development

We identify the target audience of your site and what content they will be looking for, then create a strategy to craft your content to fit the needs of your target market.

SEO Keyword Research

We develop an exhaustive list of keywords that will help you rank in Google, Bing, and other search engines.  Then we create recommendations for where those keywords should appear on your site.  The first step to gaining more business is to make sure your site gets found!  Keyword research is essential to this process.

Content Strategy

Based on your input and our research, we develop content messaging and development guidelines right down to the product, service pages, and blog posts, so you’ll know exactly what type of content should appear on your site.

Conversion Goals

We outline what constitutes a goal conversion for your site, whether that be a contact form submission, newsletter sign-up, a sale, or simply the viewing of content which you find important.


We create a map for your site’s architecture and which pages will be nested under what areas of the site.  This ensures your site will be as simple and intuitive for your users to navigate as possible.


Just like every building needs a blueprint, every well-designed page needs a wireframe.  Unlike other designers, we take your final draft content and other media assets into consideration when sketching out what your web pages will look like.

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Achieve Your Marketing Goals with a Custom Content Strategy

If you want to make sure you get a website that not only looks great, but also accomplishes your business goals, click below to schedule your free discovery call.

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