Willow Creek Horse B & B

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This B and B owner had already created her website using Wix, but was frustrated with her traffic and was not showing up in search results. We started with a local SEO audit according to Neil Patel’s recommendations, including keyword analysis, competitor research and a health checkup on her social media accounts.

We then optimized the site for “La Grande Bed and Breakfast” and “Eastern Oregon Bed and Breakfast” using some SEO best practices, added a little bit of copy on the homepage, and created a call-to-action button.  In addition, we went off-site to make sure the bed and breakfast’s social media accounts were being utilized properly, with a focus on Google Plus.

Results: The Bed and Breakfast now appears in the first page in Google for it’s focus keywords, and is generated customers through it’s website.

Project Completion Date

February 4, 2016


Summerville, OR

Skills Needed


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