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My friend Dave had an idea: “What if I prayed 30 minutes a day for an entire year?  What would happen? How would God show up?”

Dave was never much of a praying man in the past, so he decided to start an experiment where he prayed 30 minutes a day, and chronicled his results.  But, Dave needed a platform to share his findings.

Before developing the site, Dave was able to devise his content strategy using an article and worksheet from Copyblogger.  Armed with a mission statement, target personas, publishing and promotion schedules, we were ready to design and develop the site.

Because the site was oriented around the blog. we needed to draw readers into different types of content.  What we ended up with was a homepage that highlights content based on his target personas, as well as most recent articles.

As the subject of the site is essentially Dave’s challenge to himself, we also went heavy on the About section.  Dave’s hope is that others can resonate with his challenges and draw encouragement from his experience as he prays 30 minutes each day.

Project Completion Date
October 19, 2017
Skills Needed
Graphic design, Web Design, WordPress
Tech Stack

Logo Design

Though Dave had a lot of ideas, he didn’t yet have many assets for his site, including a logo.  We were happy to create a custom logo for his new site that reflects the simplicity and spirituality of the site’s purpose.

From the Client

I have had a great experience working with Matt. There are a lot of web designers who will simply throw a page up for you. Matt offered much more than that. As a guy with not much more than an idea, Matt came alongside and offered great coaching and tools to help sharpen my focus and develop a clear vision and strategy for what I was trying to do.

This clear vision was then used to create a website perfectly tailored to accomplish that vision. The ongoing support and coaching has proved to be of immense value as well. Whether you are a person with just an idea, or have a fully developed web business model, Matt should be your ‘web-guy.’

- David Floyd

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