The entirely done-for-you dog training digital marketing solution that allows you to spend zero time marketing and way more time actually training dogs.

Take your dog training business to the next level without a huge investment of time or money.

Market Less, Train More, Build a Constant Stream of Leads And Sales

…all with minimum effort and maximum return!

Are you a darn good dog trainer in Boise who has less dog training work than you’d like?

Are you tired of hustling at vet clinics, dog parks, community boards, and through online methods that never seem to amount to much?

Are you sick of creating dog training ads that no one sees?

Are you dumping time and money into a website and/or GoogleAds for just a couple leads or none at all?

Are you ready to take your dog training business to the next level, but you lack consistent leads and enough income to make it happen?

If the above sounds like you…

Please read the entirety of this letter!

Our digital marketing system could be your ticket to getting dozens of dog training clients, tens of thousands in sales, and taking your training business to the level you’ve always wanted it to be.

A Done-For-You Digital Marketing Solution for Quality Boise Dog Obedience Trainers 

My name is Matt! I lead a team of digital marketers who specialize in creating done-for-you digital marketing solutions for dog trainers. For the last three years we’ve been working with dog trainers just like you to market less, train more, and build the training business that they really want to own.

Most Dog Trainers Don’t Want To Do Their Own Marketing

When we started working with dog trainers three years ago, we quickly realized that most trainers desperately don’t want to do their marketing. Go figure – they’d rather be training dogs! Yet most are stuck doing what they hate at the cost of the thing they love.

At first we simply helped a couple of trainers to do their marketing – with wildly successful results (more about this later).

And then through these successes, we quickly and somewhat accidentally created an easily-replicable system that could help trainers do more of what they love and build a sustainable training business, without spending half their time doing their own marketing – all with minimal costs up front and nearly zero work for them.

The outward face of that system is

Most Dog Trainers Shouldn’t Do Their Own Marketing

Now, total disclosure, I’m not a dog trainer. That said, I know that you and I have one thing in common:

In both of our businesses, it’s way harder and you’ll fail a lot more often if you’re trying to do it all yourself.

Think of it this way…in your line of business you’ve probably heard from a lot of dog owners that they tried every single trick in the book (and then some) to train their dog themselves, and yet nothing seems to work. What they end up with is confused and neurotic dogs.

And so, finally, they do what they shoulda’ done a year or two ago – they come to you and say, “Can you just train my dog for me?” Yes, I thought you’d never ask.

Doing Your Own Marketing = Less Time Training

What this looks like in our business is trainers like yourself:

Spending half their precious time hustling, 25% managing their business, and only the leftovers actually training dogs

Dumping $$$ into unproven Hail-Mary advertising and marketing solutions that cost almost as much (or more) to run as they deliver in return (car wraps, TV ads, DIY social media campaigns, Yelp ads, etc).

Having to work another job (or three) to support their passion and dream of training dogs for a living.

Laying in bed at night stressing about where next month’s cash will come from to keep the doors open/pay their trainers/pay for that trip to France to compete in French Ring with their dogs.

All in all, doing your own dog training marketing = spending less time training dogs, making money, building your business, and quite simply living the life you want to live.

And let’s be real – doing marketing isn’t what you signed up for, is it now?

Let’s Build The Dog Training Business Of Your Dreams  Through Consistent Leads

Instead, maybe you’re dreaming of a small but consistent training business that supports you and your family.

Maybe you’re dreaming of hiring another dog trainer or two to have a partner with you while you work.

Maybe you’re dreaming of something bigger – a dedicated building, a car, van, multiple trainers, and serving the most clients that you possibly can !

Whatever your dream is, the key to achieving it is consistent, high-quality training leads, not the flood or trickle, off and on strategy you’ve currently got going on. And if you keep doing what you’ve been doing…Well, you know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing and expecting different results. It doesn’t have to be this way…

We make millionaires out of dog trainers.

How? We’ve developed a done-for-you digital dog training marketing system that has helped trainers like you to train more, market and advertise less, grow their business, and reach the level that they want to reach thorugh solely training dogs.

How Shannon Let Us Do Her Marketing And Is Now Quickly On Her Way To A Fast $1,000,000 In Revenue

I want to tell you about our fist-ever client, Shannon. Shannon had just started her dog training business. She was doing a few board and trains/month, and all she wanted was a website (Hah! Joke’s on her!) to feature her services.

 She called us and, like a smart dog trainer, said:

“I just want to train dogs. Can you deal with this website thing entirely?”

To that point, we’d really just been getting digital marketing results for non-dog training clients. But dogs are cute, and dog trainers are people too, or so I hear. So, I said to Shannon, “Sure, we’ll design your site for you.”

Fast-forward a year. Now Shannon has:

➜  A high-performing web presence that’s an arm and a leg ahead of most competitors in her market.

➜  A single, done-for-her solution for lead generation she can turn off and on as needed and rely on entirely for consistent work.

➜  20-30k in sales per month. Not per year, per month. That’s almost 400k/year off of one single dog training site.

Fast forward another two years. Her SEO has rapidly improved. We’ve dialed in her Google Ads. Now she has:

➜  50-60k in sales every month.

➜  Enough money to train the dogs she wants and fully live her life.

Shannon didn’t want a big dog training conglomerate. Instead, she wanted a thriving single-trainer business and the financial freedom to compete French Ring with her dogs and pay the bills. Along the way, we’ve effectively made her a millionaire.

We Did It In Seattle, And We Can Do It In Boise Too

All the trainers we’ve worked for up to this point have been in Seattle, Washington. Now we’re expanding to Boise, Idaho. We’re wanting to take a select group of premium Boise dog trainers and make it rain for them using our entirely done-for-you digital marketing solution.

When you let us do our thing, you’ll start to get consistent calls from high-quality leads you want to train. This might include:

✓   Puppies To Be Trained

✓   Board and Trains

✓   Dogs With Behavior Problems

✓   Simple Obedience Training

✓   Agility & Other Competition Training

✓   Whatever Else You Want To Do

We’ve even helped one of our current clients sell Pomskies from her breeding business with the strategy that I’ve developed.

And the best part? You pay for none of it up front. (More on that later…)

We Do Your Marketing, You Stick To Training Dogs

Sure, you could try to do this all yourself. But let me tell you what will happen:

  • You’ll burn through a lot of cash figuring out what works and what does not.
  • Even if you do somehow manage to get traffic to your webpage, it might not inspire them to make a phone call.

  • Even if by some miracle they do convert, I’m sure you know the horror stories of a million dog training leads with dreams the size of a Mastiff and the budget of a Pomeranian.

That versus letting us take care of ALL of it for you, and getting consistent, high-quality leads of the type of training work that you most want to do. We get you leads, you train more dogs, we get paid for the results we get for you. It’s a win-win experience. 

How Kristen Went From Second-Hand Training Leads To Done-For-You Six-Figure Dog Training Bliss

Here’s another story. Meet Kristen. When Kristen contacted us, she’d gotten fed up with working for a trainer in California and was moving to Seattle, WA. She had no lead generation strategy except to mooch leads off of a fellow trainer (who happened to be another client of ours who had more leads than she knew what to do with at that point).

However, despite having no lead strategy, Kristen was a smart trainer – instead of trying to figure it all out, she just let us do our thing, and happily!

“All I want to do is train more dogs, not spend hours on social media or online getting leads.”

Kristen is a dog training nerd. She’d rather spend hours reading scholarly articles on dog behavior modification than five minutes learning how to write copy for her site. And good for her!

Fast forward another two years. Her SEO has rapidly improved. We’ve dialed in her Google Ads. Now she is able to:

  Focus on the type of training she wants to do (e.g. custom board and trains).

  Breed and sell Pomskys on the side (a passion project).

  Travel to France on occasion to compete French Ring with her own dogs (her hobby).

Here she is in France, sipping wine like a champ. Kristen was able to build the life and business she wanted with the consistent stream of high-quality training leads we got for her. All she had to say was, Matt, can you just do your thing?

A Done-For-You, Personalized Digital Presence You Don’t Pay For Until It Gets You Leads 

Our offer is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. As a part of it, you’re going to get:

A personalized single-page feature site on

We build you out a feature site on the page that captures your specialty, personality, and ultimately lets would-be clients meet you before they ever contact you. What this results in is more clients who you want to work with connecting with you – a higher quality of client and more of the type of training that you want to do. Already have a website? No problem. You can still be featured on the site.

Custom conversion-optimized copy to convert the training customers you want

Website not performing? You have to talk to would-be training clients a certain way. We know how to do exactly that. We write your copy specifically to convert the right clients to book a call with you and your team and then buy.

Local SEO optimization

We don’t rely solely on paid to send clients to your page. We also write your copy so that our page and your feature page are ranking for the specific training services that you want to do more of. The longer you stay our customer, the more your SEO will improve, and the more leads you’ll get organically.

Search engine traffic directed to your page using optimized Google Pay Per Click campaigns

We drive training clients to both our page in general and specifically to your feature page. Our Google PPC ads are tailored to reach the types of clients you want and get them onto your page where they’ll convert into a lead.

Access to Our Exclusive, Dog Training Specific CRM

Read more below about this element.

Digital marketing double-talk aside, my offer is…

A 360 Degree Done-For-You Approach Which Requires Minimal Down Payment and Minimal Work For You

You just need to:

Be responsive to our needs during the production process

Pay a flat rate for the leads once they start flowing in

Why is this service “done-for-you“? 

Long story short, so we can get you results.

In dog training, the quickest way for you to fully train a dog is if the owner just leaves them with you then comes and picks them up when you’re done. It’s cleaner that way and so much easier for everyone.

It’s the same in our business. Just like you know the techniques and strategies that work for training dogs, we know those strategies for getting leads. It’s just better if you do your job and we do ours.

Plus, it’s way more valuable for you too. You don’t pay for leads until they’re on the phone. They call, you answer, you pay. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Sound pretty fair?


What exactly do you pay?

Our pricing model is simple: We do the all of the marketing for your business, then pass off the leads (prospective dog training clients) for you to close the deal. You pay a flat rate of $50 per lead, and you need to be able to accept a minimum of 10 leads per week.


Special Bonus

The Next 3 Dog Trainers That Sign Up Get 1 Year of Free Access to Our Premium CRM and Sales Automation Tool

What’s this CRM business? We set you up on our super-special “White Hat CRM” for you to follow-up with your leads. This tool allows you to call and text leads, send marketing or sales emails, automate your follow-up process, and contains loads of other features to help you get clients to sign up for your dog training packages.

And with all the leads we’re going to get you, trust us…You’re going to want this CRM. Gone are the days of being able to keep track of your leads using loose-leaf paper and your favorite pen.

As you can imagine, it takes quite a bit of work on the front-end to customize this system and onboard you to the White Hat CRM. If you wanted to buy a tool with a similar feature set such as Hubspot CRM, you’d be paying a minimum of $500 per month.

For trainers that want to upgrade to the premium version of the CRM, we charge a simple flat rate of $227/month in order to gain access to every feature and take advantage of additional onboarding benefits.


We want all our trainers to succeed, period.  That’s the very reason we built our CRM and automation tool – to make your life easier.  

But we have a limited number of subscriptions that our development team can currently handle.

That’s why only the next 3 trainers that choose to work with us will get free access to our premium CRM and automation tool. This is a $227/month value we are offering to the next 3 trainers, totally free of charge.

WARNING: This offer is not for everyone! 

In order for us to get results and to maintain the quality standards for, we have a few simple standards for who we will and will not work with. Those are…

☑ You must already be making money training dogs.

If you’re just starting off and working at your local 711 to put money on the table while you train on the side, you should get a little more experience before we connect. I get it – everyone has to start somewhere. However, you have to have some small supplementary income to invest in generating leads. Plus, you need to know how to sell over the phone. I can bring the clients to water, but only you can make them drink. It’s better for everyone if you have some real-life practice before we turn the fire hydrant on.

☑ You have to have testimonials about your results.

One, three, five, twenty…any  number will do. Our goal with is to sponsor and feature amazing trainers in this area to do more of what they’re great at. And so we need to know your customers are having a great experience. Testimonials are a perfect way to prove to everyone that you (and us when we feature you!) are legit and can create the kind of training experience everybody wants. 

☑ You must use positive or balanced training philosophies, or some variant of one of them.

Some of our team here at have dogs themselves, and they don’t much appreciate the idea of purely punishment-based training styles being featured on the site. Most clients won’t either. There’s got to be some carrot in addition to the stick, so that’s who we’re working with (which is most trainers these days, so it’s likely you’re a fit).

☑ You have to have basic dog first aid or veterinary knowledge.

Dog training is like being a lifeguard  – you hope that things don’t go south, but if and when they do, you need to know what you’re about, for the dogs’ sake. Nothing fancy – just enough to get them to the vet alive.

☑ You have to be able to sell over the phone.

We’ll get you leads. If you can sell them, you’re going to make money, likely quite a bit of it. The only way you wouldn’t is if you can’t sell the leads over the phone. Nervous about that? You might not be a good fit for this offer. You need to be able to sell your services to be a good fit.

☑ You have to be in it for six months, minimum.

Pretty straightforward.

That’s it. All in all, what these requirements mean is that you have to be a step ahead of the Boise pack and very committed to delivering real transformations for the families who you serve. Our goal is to partner with exceptional trainers in the area to make an amazing training experience where:

  • Clients get real results with their dogs consistently

  • Trainers can get consistent leads, do more of the types of training that they want to do, and get paid royally for it

  • We personally get to feel great for the results and experiences that we create, and we get paid for them as well

Win-win-win. That’s what we‘re all about. And if this sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to be a part of too, great. But if you’re still experimenting and training dogs for free while you work your 9-5, maybe we should talk after you get a couple paid testimonials underneath your training belt.

If you’re a Boise dog trainer who’s looking to take your business to the next level, and you fit the above criteria, let’s talk. Just follow this link and book a call with me. This call will take 30 minutes, and during the call you and I will see if we’re a good fit for each others’ needs and services.

DO NOT WAIT! We’re only accepting a limited # of trainers.

Because of how we structure, there’s a limited number of trainers I can handle in each marketplace. I’m starting off with only 5.


1. A lot of work goes into this for me on the front end.

Because we’re so confident in my ability to get results, we put in a lot of work on the front of creating your digital presence. We only have so much time in our day, and so we can’t launch with 20 trainers. That means that we’re starting off with only 5.

2. The Law Of Diminishing Returns

There’s only so much demand in any one market. At a certain point, the more trainers we feature, the less leads we can send to each of them. Which is why we’ll only be accepting a certain number of awesome trainers; we want to get radical results for the trainers who we partner with.

Will you be one of them?

START NOW: Let Us Do Your Marketing And Help You Build The Dog Training Business Of Your Dreams

If you’re seeing this letter, there’s still slots available, so you should book a call with me. There’s no obligation to move forward even if you book a call. If this feels right for you and your business, let’s start off with a chat.

Okay, thanks for reading. I hope we’ll talk more soon!

Matthew Sheeks | White Hat Matt
Marketing Expert With Specialization in Dog Training

PS. If you want to market less, train more, and take your training business to the next level through constant, high-quality training leads, let’s schedule a call. You won’t regret the 30 minutes that we’ll take to meet. It could be the best 30 minutes that you’ve ever spent.


What if I just want leads delivered to my inbox?

Following up using only email is a horrific way to handle the quantity of leads we plan to send you. If you’d rather do this kind of thing the dirty way, that’s fine by us, but we might not be a good fit for your needs (and vise versa). The trainers that qualify to work with us almost always have a well-defined sales process and are using a CRM or some sort of follow-up tool.

I can only handle about 5 leads per week. Is this something you can help with?

We need a minimum order of 10 leads per week to serve you best.

What if I want to keep my current website?

That’s totally fine. We’re not exclusive, we’re not going steady or anything. We do not take over your website or other marketing accounts, nor do we demand we be your only thing. You can still use your own website and marketing channels to supplement the flood of leads we will get for you, though, you might ultimately end up taking it down on your own volition because – hey – you can only handle so much demand in any one  given month.

Why should I switch from my current CRM to yours?

Ours is light years above your typical CRM. If you value having all your client emails, appointments, phone calls, and texts all in one-place, use this tool and will never look back. If you value constantly running around and trying to keep everything organized by hand, using precious time you could be training, keep doing it your own way. But again, if that’s how you want to do things, we might not be in the same space.

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