Thank You!

We’re so happy you would consider working with us!  While you’re waiting to hear back, here’s a few things you can think about to prepare for your discovery call.

Your Business

Be prepared to summarize your business clearly.  The better we understand your business model, the better we’ll be able to craft the messaging and information architecture on your site. 

Your Customer

Your website ultimately exists to serve your customer. It’s valuable to identify (a) what your customers are like, (b) what problem your product/service solves for them, and (c) how you currently get customers.

Your Needs

You know your business and what is holding your business back better than anyone else.  It’s important to development a wishlist for your website, SEO campaign, or copywriting project and prioritize each item into wants vs. needs.

Feeling Especially Motivated?

Check out the resources we’ve created specifically to help small business owners grow their online presence.

How to Generate More Ideas for Copywriting

How to Generate More Ideas for Copywriting

What image does the word "creativity" conjure up for you?   A musical genius like Mozart pacing around the room, pausing now and then to furiously ink notes onto a sheet of paper?   A child wildly spreading and splashing finger paint on an easel (or on the...

Are You Writing for Impact?

Are You Writing for Impact?

One thing all entrepreneurs have in common is that we seek to influence others through our writing. We’re constantly asking ourselves:    How can I speak to the needs, drives, and longings of my potential clients?  How can I convince people that my products and...

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