Project Description

John Weaver crafts beautiful, unique wood burned artwork (an artform known as pyrography) and wood carvings out of his workshop in rural Eastern Oregon. After trying to sell his artwork locally with limited success, he began to consider how to market and sell his product nationwide.

When John and his wife, Vicki, reached out to us for a custom website for their business, 4 Feathers Wooden Creations, we were excited to take on the challenge of designing a site that would attract customers for this niche market.

The principal objective of the site design was to showcase John’s artwork, so we went with a minimalistic approach that reflects his rustic aesthetic. Likewise, we wrote copy that was succinct but descriptive, as we felt that the artwork should speak for itself. We collaborated with John on the About Page copy so that his artist’s statement would be true to his voice and personality, but still well-written and clearly communicated.

Additionally, John had already created a sign for his workshop with a lovely logo, but needed a digital version for the website. Using his signage as inspiration, we created a beautiful custom logo that works very well on the website and can also be used for printed materials.

Because the goal of the website is to sell products online, the site needed a storefront. We opted for a user-friendly e-commerce platform that John and Vicki can update themselves as more products become available for sale, and that will streamline the purchasing process for customers.

Attracting buyers to the site presented a challenge, as John currently has a very small customer base. We performed extensive SEO and competitor research to create a strategy that would help the site to outperform those of similar artists.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Weavers and are extremely pleased with the results of both the website and logo, and are excited for John and Vicki to grow their business through online sales.