Process a Lead Refund Here

Disqualified leads happen.  Complete your lead refund request below and we will process your request within 7 days. 

Lead Refund Reminders

Here are the reasons we refund a disqualfied lead.

Neither email address nor phone # was accurate.  It’s impossible to contact the lead.

Out of service area.  The lead does not reside within the locations you have provided to us as service areas. Service areas are to be defined at the county level.

Wrong phone number. The person who called your landing page phone number dialed a wrong number.

Form submission or call was a solicitation.  Someone was trying to sell you something.

Contact was looking for employment. The person who called your landing page phone or filled out your form was looking for employment at your business. 

Duplicate Lead. The lead has already made a call to your landing page phone # or completed a form submission on your profile page.

Examples of Reasons We Do Not Refund Leads

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons we do not refund leads.

The lead was not responsive to phone calls, emails, or other methods of communication.

The lead was looking for a product or service you don’t offer. 


1. You provide in-home dog training services, and the lead was looking for a board and train.

2. You provide dog training classes, and the lead was looking to buy a physical product like a leash or harness.

The lead was not close enough in proximity to service, but still fell within the counties you have defined as service areas.


1. You gave us a list of cities and zip codes to target with ads.  A lead comes in which is not within those zip codes or cities, but is still within a county you have listed as a service area.  In this case we do not refund the lead because they were in the correct county.

At the end of the day our ad targeting is only so precise, which is why we define location-based lead refunds at the county level.

The lead was outside of your county-defined service area, but you chose to pursue the lead anyway.


1. The lead resides quite some distance away, however you have an initial phone consultation with them, then do an in-person evaluation.  Following the evaluation the two of you mutually decide not to proceed.

*Note: It is acceptable to contact a lead to notify them you cannot service them and still get a refund.

You never paid for the lead.


1. You received a call which was a wrong phone # and informed us about it.  In this case we will tag the lead and simply not charge you for the lead in the first place.

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