How To Use Zoho Mail

Welcome to our Zoho Mail Tutorial!

Zoho Mail is an easy and powerful business and personal email tool that can become a great email system for anyone with a few minutes of training. In this tutorial Matt is going to walk you through the in’s and out’s of Zoho Mail so you can get up and running in no time!

The main part of this content is going to be the video below in which Matt covers all the need to know information about Zoho Mail and how it functions, as well as the basics such as how to access your inbox and various settings etc. I have linked a PDF below that is an outline of what Matt is going to cover in the video so you can follow along. It is highly recommended that you keep your own notes as you follow along.

Timestamp References For Easy Video Navigation

Introduction 00:15 – 01:31
Overview 01:31 – 04:20
Getting started with Zoho Mail 04:20 – 05:25
How to Add Contacts 05:25 – 06:10
How to Import Contacts 06:10 – 06:55
How to Check Emails in Zoho Mail 06:55 – 07:48
How to flag emails 07:48 – 08:19
Replying emails 08:19 – 09:25
Edit as new 09:25 – 10:25
How to use the search feature in Zoho Mail 10:25 – 11:48
How to sort emails and create folders 11:48 – 14:10
How to write emails in the Zoho email editor 14:10 – 19:01
Sending emails 19:01 – 21:39
Sharing vs forwarding emails 21:39 – 23:01
Differences between Outlook, Gmail, and Zoho Mail 23:01 – 25:16
Other Zoho Applications 25:16 – 32:08
How to edit your signature 32:08 – 32:44
How to show the “BCC” Field when Writing Emails 32:44 – 33:06
How to turn on the “Undo Send Feature” 33:06 – 34:44
How to create groups in Zoho Mail 34:44 – 36:41
Conclusion 36:41 – 37:14

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