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The Benefits of Our CRM

Nothing beats live interaction with a real salesperson when it comes to dog training sales.

But do you ever wish that…

…not a single lead would fall through the cracks?

…no appointments were ever forgotten?

…not one lead’s contact details were misplaced?

This can be a reality with our proprietary CRM and sales automation tool.

We understand how chaotic life can be when your follow-up systems like phone, text, and email don’t talk to each other.

That’s why our tool is fully self-contained, allowing you to keep track of every single lead and client interaction with ease.

But that’s not all it does.

Here are the advantages of our system:

Keep Communication Personal Through Two-Way CRM Texting

77% of consumers say they dislike automated text messages because they often cannot respond directly to the number you use for your texting service. Our system provides a two-way texting platform, allowing you to have seamless 1-on-1 interactions with your leads.

Keep Your Leads Engaged Through Multi-Platform Automation

You can set up automated sequences that combine multiple types of delivery – send an SMS on day 1, an email on day 3, and a voicemail drop on day 5 – whatever you want – all within the same platform!

Schedule Calls With Ease Through Automated Online Booking

If you can send a link to clients, you can make your sales team many times more efficient using our calendar booking feature. With our CRM you can book leads directly onto an online calendar, then automatically send them appointment reminders and thank you messages. This will clean up the workflow for your salespeople by getting leads coming to your lot at predictable times with a decreased no-show rate.

Keep Track Of Every Detail Through A Complete Communication Archive

You can send, receive, and record phone calls. Having your phone records, emails, and texts right in one intuitive system makes your sales review process a cakewalk.

Nurture Your Customer Relationships With Automated Follow Up Sequences

You can send nurture sequences to follow-up with customers who recently bought from you – providing knowledge and tips on what to expect while their dog is being trained, how they can get the most out of their dog training experience, and how to best reinforce the dog training work you have achieved for them.

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